Important information

1. All tours are guided by authorized personnel. Guided tours are offered in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German. Guided tours in other languages may be offered on request, depending on availability.

2. Groups that have made a reservation and that arrive on time will have priority over other visitors.

3. The catacombs can only be visited in groups (minimum 2 persons).

4. The tour of the catacombs takes about 40 minutes. The temperature in the catacombs is about 16 ° C / 60 ° F with a high humidity: please dress accordingly.

5. No one can visit the catacombs on their own, nor leave their group along the way, nor go beyond the gates that mark the paths open to the public.

6. Within a group, it is unauthorized to translate the guide’s explanation into other languages so as not to disturb and slow down the tour.

7. Purchased tickets are non-refundable.

8. Visitors are required to keep the admission ticket for the entire duration of the visit. At the exit, checks could be carried out.

9. Wheelchairs are not permitted in the catacombs due to the architectural barriers of the monument.

10. Those with serious mobility issues are warned of the walking difficulties in the catacombs: 50 irregular steps to descend, as many to climb; no chance to sit on the way; no lift (elevator).

11. We do not recommend visiting the catacombs if you are claustrophobic.

12. It is forbidden to touch and / or damage the exhibits.

13. It is forbidden to remove any object and / or material from the catacombs.

14. It is forbidden to take pictures and / or videos inside the catacombs. The staff has the right to expel offenders.

15. It is forbidden to bring any kind of pets / animals into the catacombs.

16. It is forbidden to bring cumbersome objects into the catacombs (luggage, strollers, musical instruments, banners, etc.)

17. Smoking is forbidden inside the catacombs.

18. It is forbidden to consume food and / or liquids into the catacombs.